Service FAQs


1. How do I know if the problem is the battery?

Even though the car’s internal lights still function you may still have a problem with your battery. To be sure you need a battery replacement have a Batteries911 technician come out and diagnose your vehicle.

2. Can I push the car to turn it on?

At Batteries911 we don’t recommend trying to do this since it may represent a risk of bodily harm or injury to both you and the occupants of the vehicle.

3. What happens if the Batteries911 specialist determines that the battery is not the problem?

Batteries911 technicians are equipped with diagnostic equipment that will allow them to identify the problem in your vehicle. Our technicians will be able to determine the general reasons why your vehicle may not be running properly. If your car doesn’t need a battery, the technician will let you know promptly in order to assist you with taking your car to your trusted local repair facility.

4. What should I do if my Battery is dead?

If your battery is dead we suggest replacing the battery with a new one. In most cases jump starts are only a temporary fix and installing a new battery will save you time and money.

5. Does the Batteries911 service specialist check the electrical system of the car?

Yes, the Batteries911 technicians are equipped with electronic diagnostic equipment that allows them to identify problems within the car’s electrical system.

6. Can the alternator re-charge the battery?

An alternator’s function is not to fully charge a battery but produce enough electricity to operate the electrical accessories of the vehicle during operation. Even though the alternator provides some charging of the battery, a fully discharged battery cannot gain optimal charge through the use of the alternator alone.

7. Can the ambient temperature affect a battery?

Yes, heat affects the battery more than cold weather does. Higher temperatures affect battery life and can cause shortening of its lifespan.

8. Can I solve the problem permanently if I just jump start the car?

In some cases a jump start may allow your car to continue to operate and recharge the battery. Unfortunately this will not guarantee that the battery has been brought back to its optimal health, and because of the excessive discharge permanent damage may have been inflicted on the battery that will require it to be replaced in the near future.

9. What if the battery terminals are sulfated?

The Sulfation on a battery will deteriorate its lifespan and affect the overall performance of the battery. Our Batteries911 specialists are trained to remove Sulfation from terminals when installing new batteries. If you need new terminals, our technicians will install them for $12.99.

10. What happens if the battery is loose?

If a battery is loose within a vehicle it has been improperly installed. This will damage the battery and void its warranty. The excessive vibration caused by a loose battery can also lead to acid spills, short-circuits or explosions if the vehicle is involved in an accident.


1. Is the night service of BATTERIES911 more expensive than day service?

There is no additional charge for overnight service.

2. In which counties is the service provided?

Our service area includes the Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties.

3. How long does it take to provide the service?

Depending on local traffic, a Batteries911 technician will normally arrive between 35 minutes to 60 minutes after service confirmation has been provided to the customer.

Once we arrive to your location, the service takes 30-45 depending on the vehicle.

4. Does BATTERIES911 offer car repair service?

Batteries911 does not provide car repair services.


1. What kind of batteries does BATTERIES911 carry?

Batteries911 carries batteries for all makes and models from 1995 to 2015. You can use our price calculator on our homepage to find out what battery your vehicle takes.

2. Are Batteries911 batteries maintenance-free?

Yes, all battery sold by Batteries911 are maintenance-free.

3. How long is the battery warranty with batteries911?

Batteries sold and installed by Batteries911 have a 5 year limited warranty. The Terms and Conditions of the Limited Warranty can found here.

4. What is the lifetime of a battery?

The life expectancy of an automotive battery depends on the manner in which the vehicle is used its current condition and age as well as the maintenance that that it has undergone.Batteries sold and installed by Batteries911 have a 5 year limited warranty. The Terms and Conditions of the Limited Warranty can found here.

5. How do I know which kind of battery my car needs?

Use our pricing calculator that allows you to select the make, model, and year of your vehicle in order to get a quote and see which is the correct battery for your car. If you need further assistance please call us at 1-877-762-2228 and we will have a battery specialist provide you further assistance.

6. Where are your batteries manufactured?

Our batteries are manufactured in the USA. In order to guarantee availability of product in a timely manner for our customers or due to shortages of specific battery references from our traditional suppliers, we may purchase batteries from other sources that sell all or virtually all USA MADE batteries. In these cases foreign manufactured batteries may be sourced with the understanding that Batteries911 strives to predominantly procure and sell USA MADE batteries whenever possible.

7. Can I use a different battery than the original one that came in the car?

It is always recommended to use the suggested manufacturer battery specification for your vehicle. If you use additional electrical accessories within your car such as televisions, video games, extra lights, a battery with a higher capacity can be recommended.

8. What does CCA mean?

This is a common type of measurement used to be able to gauge a batteries ability to provide amps to crank a vehicle for 30 seconds when the ambient temperature is 0°F.

9. What does CA mean?

This is a common type of measurement used to be able to gauge a batteries ability to provide amps to crank a vehicle for 30 seconds when the ambient temperature is 32°F.

10. What are Amp hours?

It’s the number of Amps a battery produces in an hour at a room temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

11. What is RC Reserve Capacity?

This number represents the number of minutes a battery is able to continue to deliver energy in case a failure occurs with the alternator that is charging the battery in the vehicle.

12. Are all the battery brands the same?

No, all battery brands are not the same, even though the chemical principles are the same, each battery manufacturer incorporates different technology to reach a battery of good quality and long battery life at a competitive price.

13. Why are there so many different batteries?

Battery manufacturers usually design new battery cases for new car models resulting in a wide range of battery part numbers. In recent years battery manufacturers are trying to limit the amount of car battery parts in order to make the industry more efficient at manufacturing them.

14. Can the batteries cause an explosion?

A battery contains both chemicals and materials that create hydrogen gases when they are being used. These gases can sometimes interact with open sparks or electrical sources to create an explosion. Today’s battery manufacturers include safety mechanisms to limit this type of battery failure but it is also important to maintain a battery properly to avoid sludge and grease from covering up gas release vents located in the battery.

15. Why are the batteries Haz-Mat?

Because batteries contain sulfuric acid H2 S04, a corrosive material that is considered a hazardous material.


1. How much does the service cost?

We offer FREE diagnostics and installation with the purchase of your battery. The cost of the battery depends on the type of vehicle. Get a quote now using our Price Calculator or call us toll free 1-877-762-2228

2. Which payment methods does Batteries911 accept?

We accept cash and all major credit cards including (Visa, MasterCard and American Express).


1. What does BATTERIES911 do with the old batteries?

Batteries911 is an eco-friendly company. The discarded batteries are sent to a battery recycling plant which separates all of the battery components such as lead, plastic and electrolyte. Almost 98% of the old battery is recycled and used for the production of new batteries.

2. Can I throw the old battery in the trash?

Lead acid batteries cannot be disposed of using the regular disposal and trash collection methods since they represent a high level of toxicity and pollution to the environment. Please allow our Batteries911 technicians to properly dispose of this hazardous material.